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Associate Division

The Associate Division of the Grundy County Circuit Court handles all traffic tickets issued by the Missouri State Highway Patrol and Grundy County Sheriff's Department, misdemeanor criminal cases, and all filings and preliminary hearings involving felony criminal cases.
Also filed are civil lawsuits, usually involving disputes less than $25,000.00, including such matters as collection of debts, unpaid rent, vehicle accidents, etc.
In the Small Claims Division of the Associate Court, Small Claims lawsuits which involve amounts less than $3,000.00 are filed.

Probate Division

The Probate Division handles the estates of persons who die and those who are in need of a guardian or conservator to take care of them and/or their assets due to some mental or physical disability or incapacity.
Applications for 96 Hour Mental Health detention and evaluation are also filed in this division.

Circuit Division

In addition to hearing cases in the Associate and Probate Division, Associate Circuit Judge Steven Hudson hears cases from the Circuit Division involving dissolution of marriage (divorce), child custody, visitation, child support, and adult abuse (ex parte) orders.
Judge Hudson also hears the Municipal Court for the City of Trenton.

Office Staff

Interim Circuit Judge: Hon. Matthew Krohn 660 359 4040 Option 1, Option 1
Associate Judge: Hon. Steven Hudson 660 359 4040 Option 1, Option 2
Circuit Clerk: Becky Stanturf Extension 2256
Deputy Circuit Clerk: Amanda Spencer Extension 2255
Associate Court Clerk: Michelle Vandevender Extension 2260
Probate Clerk: Violet Airey Extension 2259

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