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Q. What is the difference between real and personal property?

A. Personal property are objects of value not attached to or a part of real estate or real property. It is safe to say that most everything we own of value can be categorized as either real property or personal property. It is best to call your local assessor's office if there are questions about what to list on your assessment sheet.

Q. Who determines where business personal property is assessed?

A. The laws of the State of Missouri govern the decisions and actions of the assessors, also the constitution, legislators, executive, and judicial arms of the federal, state, and local government. State or less permanently located at a business premises is subject to assessment and taxation where located. Movable property, such as boats, vehicles, aircraft, mobile homes, and construction equipment, has to have a more or less permanent site, and the personal property will be assessed there.

Q. What should I do when my assessment changes?

A. Nothing. Unless after careful thought you cannot figure out why there is a change. If your real estate assessment changes, most often it is because you have added to or taken away from your value. the assessor's office has nothing to do with your tax bill, but everything to do with placing a value on your property. Values change when the quality, quantity, and certain environments change (such as neighborhoods, streets, schools, etc.). all of these things factor into the value of a property. If, after careful though, your assessment does not make sense to you, visit with your local assessor, and they can best explain the how's and whys of your assessment.
Personal property is a little different in that the values are printed in a book i.e. N.A.D.A. Values in these books normally won't go up from year to year. There are value books covering just about everything you can think of, if you don't understand it, visit with your assessor. The tax payers of Grundy County are welcome to submit questions to the assessor's office, answers are published in the Republican Times for all to benefit from.

Q. Can I claim hail damage on my vehicle?

A. Yes, you can, but only for one year. After that the value will go back to normal. the only way to continue the depreciation for the unrepaired hail damage is to apply for and receive a salvage title at the license bureau, then the assessor's office will make the necessary adjustment.

Q. Can I claim high mileage on my vehicle?

A. Yes, you can. The procedure is to bring to the assessor's office proof of mileage, such as oil change papers, inspection papers, or someone from the assessor's office can look at your vehicle. The amount of deduction is determined and found in the N.A.D.A. book. after the vehicle is 10 years and older, there is normally no deduction for mileage.

Q. Why do I pay taxes on a car that isn't licensed?

A. You are the owner of the property. If a vehicle is titled in your name, you are assessed for it whether it is licensed or not. Vehicles with salvage titles are not taxed as much as those with standard titles.

Q. How does the assessor arrive at a market value for my house?

A. For existing residential properties there are three approaches to finding value commonly used by the assessor's office. they are as follows:

  • Cost Approach - finding the current reproduction cost (what it would cost to build it new) and depreciate that reproduction cost to reflect the age and wear, arriving at a current value.
  • Sales Comparison Approach - this compares the property being appraised with similar properties that have sold in recent past and analyzed for their similarities to the subject property therefore arriving at the market value. also, if there has been a sale of the subject property, the sale amount is considered significant because it expresses the reaction of the buyers and sellers. after all, the market value of anything can be determined by what someone is willing to sell it for and what someone is willing to pay for it.
  • Income Approach - this approach is used for properties that generate an income, such as rentals and home based businesses.

There are numerous steps and applications to each of these approaches, but combined with specific, comparative, and general data collection, your assessor can arrive at a correct and reasonable value. All of this data is entered into a computer, which has up to date costing formulas. the data is then calculated (costed) into an accurate assessor appraisal or market value.
the data that is collected determines the accuracy of the assessment. It is important to have the input and cooperation of the home owner to arrive at these calculations.

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Q. Where do I vote?

A. Check out this website for information on where you can vote.

Q. Am I registered?

A. Check out this website for information on where you can vote.

Q. Can I get an absentee ballot?

A. Yes, fill out an application first, then a ballot can be mailed.

Q. How do I change my address?

A. Call the office at 359-4040 for detailed information.


Q. Who is on the township board?

A. Please visit this page for more information on township board members.

Q. Where do I find a family member that died?

A. Visit this page, which has a searchable database.


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