July 15, 2024

Buildings and Grounds

The current courthouse in Trenton was built from 1903 to 1905 at a cost of $57,000.

The building was dedicated Oct. 25, 1905

picture showing the northwest corner of the courthouse

The courthouse, which still serves as the Grundy County temple of justice, is on the same block as the first courthouse (Figure 2). Constructed of Bedford stone, the building measures 79 by 84 feet. Height to the cornice is 45 feet and to the top of the tower, 106 feet. There are alternating courses of rough and smooth stones; the rough courses extend inward, becoming an integral part of the wall. There are three stories and four entrances. The circuit Court room is 31 by 52 feet. Although the task was difficult, court officials managed to keep costs very close to the $60,000 figure.

Missouri courthouses – University of Missouri Extension
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