July 15, 2024

Probate Division

The Probate Division handles the estates of persons who die and those who are in need of a guardian or conservator to take care of them and/or their assets due to some mental or physical disability or incapacity.

Applications for 96 Hour Mental Health detention and evaluation are also filed in this division.

Steven Hudson
Presiding Judge
660 359 4040
Carrie Lamm-Clark
Associate Judge
660 359 4040
Becky Stanturf
Circuit Clerk
660 359 4040 x2256EMail
Amanda Spencer
Deputy Circuit Clerk
660 359 4040 x2255E-Mail
Michelle Vandevender
Associate Court Clerk
660 359 4040 x2260
Michelle Smith
Probate Court Clerk
660 359 4040 x2259

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