June 21, 2024

Circuit Division

Missouri circuit courts are the primary trial courts in the state. They have general jurisdiction over almost all civil and criminal matters. Cases usually begin in the circuit court, which is where trials may occur.

Missouri’s counties and the city of St. Louis are organized into 45 judicial circuits. There is a court in every county. The circuit court is typically in the county seat (or the city of St. Louis) and may be in additional locations in the county.

map showing circuit court divisions in Missouri

In addition to hearing cases in the Associate and Probate Division, the associate judge hears cases from the Circuit Division involving dissolution of marriage (divorce), child custody, visitation, child support, and adult abuse (ex parte) orders.

Steven Hudson
Presiding Judge
660 359 4040
Carrie Lamm-Clark
Associate Judge
660 359 4040
Becky Stanturf
Circuit Clerk
660 359 4040 x2256E-Mail
Amanda Spencer
Deputy Circuit Clerk
660 359 4040 x2255E-Mail
Michelle Vandevender
Associate Court Clerk
660 359 4040 x2260
Michelle Smith
Probate Court Clerk
660 359 4040 x2259

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